Easter Sensory Bin


Easter themed sensory bin

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This bin includes many different ways to engage in un-structured play while working on fine-motor and patterning skills.  Using the tongs, children can try picking up different objects. Can you find the hidden eggs? What kind of adventures can the bunnies and chick’s go on? Can you decorate the felt eggs using the materials? The opportunities are endless, hours of fun in a bin!


When the child has exhausted their imaginative play with the bin, use the activity card to guide children in different ways and to work on some additional learning skills. Let the imagination go, be creative and have fun exploring!


What’s included in the bin:

  • Colored shredded paper (base of the bin)
  • Bunny tongs (tool)
  • Plastic mini bunnies
  • Mini chicks
  • Wooden Easter pieces
  • String
  • Colorful large buttons
  • 2 felt eggs
  • 4 colored eggs with egg carton
  • Activity Card