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The Benefits of Sensory Play

Sensory play is just like it sounds, play that stimulates the senses! Young children learn about their world through experience. A sensory bin is a safe place for children to naturally explore through play. 

The sensory base in each bin provides a tactile experience. Whether they are running their fingers through it, or are picking up fistfuls, they are learning through touch about weight, texture and making connections through experiences.

The tools and objects in each bin build on sensory play through sight, touch and sound. The collection of objects is carefully thought out to aid in natural, open-ended play based on each theme. Building fine motor skills is another benefit of sensory bins. Using the pincher grasp to pick up objects, scooping, pouring the use of tools such as tongs all help to build strength in little hands.

A sensory bin builds imaginative and independent play. The objects in each bin are chosen to work together to create open-ended play experiences.